24-Pack Basics Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Works great anywhere!  These microfiber cleaning cloths from AmazonBasics are an effective and reusable tool for cleaning your car, truck, boat, or household surfaces.  Each AmazonBasics microfiber cleaning cloth is small and convenient (12" x 16") and can be used for a variety of cleaning jobs. Perfect in the garage for cleaning cars, trucks, boats, and RV's as well as in your home on TV's, countertops, and more.

24-Pack Basics Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Car Wash Towel

Super Absorbent

The soft microfiber used in these cloths is super absorbent and made to trap dirt, grime, and other particles without leaving any lint or streak residue behind or scratching paints, coats, or other surfaces. The soft, non-abrasive microfiber material can absorb eight times its own weight and doesn't require any chemicals to clean.

No Need to Throw Out

Unlike paper towels or other disposable cleaning cloths, AmazonBasics microfiber cleaning cloths are machine washable and can be reused hundreds of times without losing absorbency. For best washing results, wash cleaning cloths with like colors in cold water.


Key Product Benefits and Uses

  • Ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths will not scratch paints, coats or other surfaces
  • Cleans with or without chemical cleaners, leaves lint and streak-free results
  • Absorbs eight times its own weight
  • The pack comes with three different towel colors (blue, yellow, and white)
  • Rinse and reuse 100's of times
  • 90% Polyester 10% Polyamide
  • 24 cleaning cloths
  • Each cloth measures 12x16 inches (LxW)

Comes in larger packs of 36, 48 and 144.  Available for next day delivery.