A call to Unite for All Dirt Track Fans

Dirt Track Racing fans and the console game, we WANT AND HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!

A call to Unite for All Dirt Track Fans
A call to Unite for All Dirt Track Fans

Ok, so I have been thinking about a new blog for a couple of days now and didn't have any idea of what to write. Well with the announcement of a new dirt track racing game coming out called " Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing" set to be released on February 14th, the dirt track fans who play console games finally have something to play for the first time since the World of Outlaws game came out of PS3 years ago.

 While the sprint car game is sure to be fun, and a something a lot better than any Nascar game, as is in real life, I for one as a dirt track racing fan, want something more. I want a dirt track game on a console where you can race late models, modifieds, street stock, factory stock, and have an actual career mode as they do on the Nascar games. Now I get it, Nascar has a lot more money than any dirt track racing series but it can be done. Just look at the IRacing.com site and their games that they come out with. It is as close to being a realistic dirt track game as we have, along with pretty much any other type of racing series you can think of. Problem is, IRacing.com is expensive. You have to pay money for the cars, the tracks, the races and any other session you want to have, it all costs money. As a developer you want and have to make your money sure, but why not give a large group of people something they want? I can guarantee you, that if you got with the Lucas Oil Late Models, or World of Outlaw Late models,  along with a Modified series, and made a realistic game, with great graphics, I guarantee that you could charge the 59.99 that most developers charge for their games, and the dirt track world would come out in a frenzy and buy the damn thing.

                I get it, on Nascar Heat games, you can run Late Models, but obviously, it isn't the focal point of the game so there isn't just a whole lot of detail put into it, but it certainly is a start. We as dirt fans have had the sprint car games, but never have we had a game with late models, or modifieds on a console game that looked real, and felt real or as close to real as you can get on a console. I get it, there has to be money involved, and it takes a lot of money to develop the game, and get the tracks consent to use images in the game, and drivers to use their likeness in the game, but it can be done. So for fans of dirt track racing, hopefully, this will reach a good number of you, let's get the word out, and let us get the console game we have been waiting on making. 

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Dirt is for racing, asphalt is for getting there.

NASCAR is exciting for the last 5 laps, Dirt is great from green to checker.

Dirt Trackers, Unite!!!!