Dear Lord MLB, This is Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Another Rant on the MLB "Cheating" Scandal

Dear Lord MLB, This is Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
Dear Lord MLB, This is Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

So once again it is time to rail on how stupid, idiotic the "cheating" scandal that has supposedly rocked the MLB world. Of course, I am talking once again about the Astros cheating scandal, that is beyond idiotic, and has announcers, reporters, and opposing players are saying stupid things that have gotten way, way out of hand.

                Ok, I know have ranted on this twice before already so I will try to keep it as short as possible, and I promise this will be the last time I rant on this idiotic, ridiculous, nonsense that is called cheating, but teams that were not good enough to beat the Astros. I am mainly talking to you Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers. You guys couldn't touch their pitching but yet you want to call them cheaters because they "stole" your pitchers signal and they cheated. Dude you play in Los Angeles, a team that can buy, buy, buy players to gain a competitive advantage, and you couldn't get the job done. Shut up and get over it, and try to buy another title, because quite frankly, you're coming off as a 3rd grade, crybaby b**** by constantly saying you were robbed of a ring and what not. Get over and focus on actually not choking this year, how about that.

 And the reporters, who are saying the Astros should be stripped of the title, you guys are the same ones that say Barry Bond's home run records, are legit and he is the true home run king. You guys are the same ones that said Andy Pettitte was not a cheater, and that he was legit AFTER he tested positive for steroids. So basically you dumb*** talking hairdos only consider it cheating when it is NOT a New York, Boston, or Los Angeles team. I can guarantee you, that if the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets were involved in this scandal, you would have never heard of it because the sports media would have buried it. As far as you go Aroldis Chapman, you to play for an organization that has bought and bought titles, and had steroid user, after steroid user so as far as you saying teams were cheating, holds no merit. You also said Altuve’s walk-off home run against you made no sense, dude you can know what pitch is coming, but it doesn't give you the talent to hit the ball. He called your bluff, and beat you, simple as that so you too, need to shut up, get over it, and move on. 

                Until Next Time

The Astros are STILL AND WILL FOREVER BE your 2017 World Series Champions.

If you strip them of the title, then you have to strip Bonds, Clemens, Pettitte, Sosa, McGwire of their records, and strip the teams that won titles while they had a player test positive for steroids.

The MLB's new playoff pitch is ridiculous.