Interior Color Choices For Home Selling?

How we use color in our homes is an expression of who we are and how we feel about our surroundings. But when listing your home for sale comes into play the question to ask yourself is, will a potential buyer find my choices inviting and appealing?

Interior Color Choices For Home Selling?

Would you say the bright, vibrant red of a "Chili Pepper" was an attractive color and appealing? Most would probably agree but, would you choose it as a color for your kitchen walls?  How we use color in our homes is an expression of who we are and how we feel about our surroundings.  Its effect is subconscious and plays an extremely important role in our everyday lives, even without realizing it. 

Psychologists have proven a multitude of colors can invoke a certain mood in people almost immediately. Using hues can even change their effect significantly. Where soft blue may project comfort, serenity, and safety, an icy blue gives the impression of being cold or aloof.  Red increases our pulse, blood pressure, and adrenaline.  It also inspires desire and a strong link to sexuality. We all relate pink to femininity and associate it with tenderness.  It also conveys a sense of safety and vulnerability.  Orange and yellow are inviting and uplifting and both convey happiness and joy and are motivating and encouraging.   

Before you list your home for sale, know that your interior paint choices will inevitably set a certain mood, create a positive or negative reaction, and will definitely influence a potential buyers' decision considerably.

Creating a soft color scheme will alleviate any concerns or unwanted reactions.  It's important to remember what you find attractive may inevitably leave someone feeling squeamish even, design-challenged.  It's a proven fact that freshly repainted homes in neutral colors are more apt to sell quicker in a "Buyers Market."   Buyers more often than not find it a bone of contention when they discover the interior color choices don't quite match their own.  You want them to step into your home feeling as if it's a fresh new beginning not calculating in their minds how much it might cost them to repaint a room to match the furniture and window treatments they would be bringing along.  

There is an array of trending interior paint colors on the market today in soft hues and pastels that will blanket potential buyers with the kind of embracing warmth you want them to feel.