Keto Genic Diet

Keto Diet for weight and health management.

Keto Genic Diet

Hey, guys, I wanted to talk about the "keto" diet. I myself have been on this specific diet and had great results. A ketogenic diet is a low car, high-fat diet that can also offer many health benefits. This diet means dramatically reducing carbohydrates and replacing them with fats. The reducing of carbs puts your body in a metabolic state called ketosis. At this point, your body starts to burn a lot of fat instead of burning carbs, since you cut carbs out your diet your body can no longer burn carbs so it starts to burn your fat.

It gives you so much energy. It's not just cutting carbs, you also have to cut sugars. I know that sounds horrible, but there are some keto snacks you can have including keto icecreams that taste really good. To be honest with you while I was on this diet it didn't even feel like I was on a diet because all you do is eat fat all day. I'm going to tell you guys the main things I ate while on keto. I would eat eggs (a lot of eggs) boiled, scrambled, omelet, fried. You can eat all the bacon you want, and all the sausages you want. You can eat any meat and fish. salads of course. You can eat any cheese. only fruits are any type of berry. I was also eating creme cheese with my boiled eggs. Avocado is really good too. Things like cucumber with vinegar and tomatoes. You have to be very careful, there are some things you won't think is carbs and it is. No potatoes, No fruits unless strawberry or berries, No ketchup. No milk unless unsweetened almond. No rice or bread. There are some very low carb tortillas and there's a low carb bread. The amount of net carbs you can eat a day is 20. So you have to look at what your eating and count. 

There is an app called "Carb Manager" that helps people on the Keto diet track their carbs so they know where they're at during the day and not to pass it. You can also go mon an egg fast for 5 days, which means eat nothing but eggs for 5 days. That one was a little hard for me but it gives you quicker results. My best friend was google. Before I ate anything I would ask if it had carbs in it or if it was low in carbs. I have seen so many great results from this diet and it also helps with your health for those who have diabetes or liver problem. It will also give you a lot of energy. If you interested in seeing testimonies and before and afters, you can join the facebook group I'm in called keto for beginners, and keto for badass babes. 
This is definitely a diet I recommend for anybody trying to lose weight. Based on the stuff you can eat it feels like you your dieting so it is not so bad. You will burn lots of fat. Also for my alcohol drinkers, you cant have the mixed drinks, sorry :(. you will have to drink straight liquor or mix with low carb drink like white Claw.


I hope this has been helpful for those who want to shred some weight.