Man vs Woman: The All Time Battle

The argument of men and women

Man vs Woman: The All Time Battle
Man vs Woman: The All Time Battle

The other day I had a conversation with my ex-wife and now girlfriend that turned out kind of awkward is the about the best way I can describe it. Now my ex, my girlfriend, and I all get along pretty well. We can sit around and shoot the shit and have no issue, mainly because we are adults and not like the childish parents you see a lot of these days fighting to get their way as opposed to putting their kid's needs first.  But it was in this conversation, that I realized the biggest difference between the mindset of men and women.

The best way I can describe it is this way. A woman's thought process is like the road map of Texas. There are roads, highways, interstates traveling and turning and curving in every direction. You will eventually reach your destination but you have to take 100 different roads before you get there. Men on the other hand there thought process is like a drag strip. Just a straight shot, no turns, and easy as hell to figure out. That is the biggest reason in my opinion that men and women argue for the most part.

There will always be disagreements between the two sexes because women make things way to complicated. They think that there are 40 steps to each problem and stress themselves out beyond reasoning when a situation arises. They will be on step 2 worrying about step 35 and in the process, take out their frustrations on people around them, and then want to get mad when the person reacts. Women don't pay attention to how they act, they pay attention to how people respond, and then consider us the bad guy when we respond to their attitudes.

Then we have men, let’s be honest, we are stupid, simple, yet stupid. We go through life step by step. We don’t think about step 10 or 11. If we are on step 2, we only worry about step 2. For whatever reason, we can’t process past the current step we are on, and can’t think long term, which in turn, means that women get pissed because of their mindset causing all kinds of issues.

So that is why we argue for the most part. Women are WAY too emotional and most of the time illogical, while men are too stupid and simple to realize and understand anything that isn't in a straight line. Now is there a solution to all this, who the hell knows people have been trying to figure that out for ages. But there are a couple of things we can do to ease the arguments. Women, this will be hard for y'all as most of you think this never should happen, but you have to admit when you are being dramatic, over-reactive, and irrational. Men, we have to start trying to not be so stupid and put ourselves on their level a little bit. We have to accommodate each other. It is not a one-way street, and as long as you think about it that way, then this whole man versus woman thing will go on and on.

Until Next Time,

All women are crazy, get used to it.

All men are stupid, get used to it.