Prayer in Public and the useless Organization trying to Stop it

The group that is trying to stop prayer in public forum.

Prayer in Public and the useless Organization trying to Stop it

Here we go again with another rant. Now, for the most part, my rants have nothing to do with studying, and fact-finding, but more so something that a lot of people lack these days, and that is: common sense. So what is the rant? The people at the ACLU or American Civil Liberties Union or if you want to be honest, the most useless group of people who attack others for absolutely nothing at all. Now again, I haven't gone into full research, maybe there is some good these people have done but this will not be about those things. This rant will be on the fact that these are the people that want to sue, and shut down schools and remove Christian artifacts in towns, and want absolutely no public forum for prayer or anything of the sort. 

                Now there have been several cases across the country where this useless group has sent letters to schools, teachers, and coaches telling them to stop praying on school grounds and public functions, and protesting towns who have religious monuments in their town square. Well let me stop for a second, they protest the Christian prayers, and Christian monuments, not any other religion as they don’t want to be seen and prejudice against anyone. But if you see a high school football coach in a newspaper, or on tv praying with his team, or a school group that is faith-based, or a town that erects a monument with the 10 commandments, you can be assured that the ACLU cult will soon follow with a statement to all major news organizations that the person cease all religious-based activities or lose their jobs. Again, I want to clarify this if for Christians only, and not any other religion as that would be deemed "racist". After this happens, it becomes a holy war as social media will eventually get their hooks and support the Christian movement or then you will get the people who despise anything religious and talk about how they don't want their kid subjected to this behavior and so and so forth, and eventually, someone loses their job, or keeps their job and then the threat of lawsuits begin to trickle down as America has become land of the frivolous lawsuit.

 Now we get to the common sense of the matter. I understand the amendment of separating church from state and all that jazz. But here is the thing for all you ACLU supporters, are there prayer groups in school, and prayers before sporting events? Yes, but are these events also voluntary? Also, Yes. So if you don't want your kid, or your kid doesn't want to be a part of it here is what they should do and say. " While I respect your beliefs and your right to pray to (Insert God here), I decline to participate as it is not within my beliefs and hope you respect that as much as I respect you". Then the kid should take a step back, wait for the moment to pass and the prayer to end, and then proceed when finished. It is as simple as that. If that happens, I promise you that no one will judge or hate them as they have responded in a RESPECTFUL manner. I emphasized respect, because that is something that is way lost nowadays as there is no compromise, but rather does what I say and goes by what I feel or you will be sued, and trashed on social media. 

 You don't have to believe in prayer, or God, Allah, or Buddha or whichever god people pray to, but why is it you feel like they should respect your beliefs if you don't respect theirs? You are not that special to get it both ways, no one is. Until you people start realizing that not everyone believes in your ways of thinking, then you will have a long, long road that you won't make it down. There are towns, not just people but towns, that if you told them they were not allowed to pray at school, or football games, these towns would look you dead in your eye, and say "God Bless" and then pray right in front of your face. Why? Because it is not something so drastic that it should cause lawsuits, and anger, and social media outrages. If you don't like listening or seeing someone pray, look away. Why is it you support having Satanic structures erected but not Christian sculptures erected? If you believe in the devil, then you believe in God, simple as that.

                So now that we have all that cleared up, I want to give the ACLU aka the most useless organization in the world, some tips.

  1. Relax, there are a lot of bigger problems in the world than if someone is praying or not.
  2. Don't you think money is better spent on actual issues rather than lawsuits?
  3. Don’t bash Christianity, but then be ok with Islam, or Judaism. Religion is Religion.
  4. Most if not all Prayers, and faith-based school groups are VOLUNTARY, no one is being "forced" to join.
  5. If you learn to compromise, you will make it a lot further and people will be more inclined to listen to you.
  6. God Bless


Until Next Time,

Fight for something worth fighting for.

Voluntary means yes or no, yes or no means Freedom, Freedom means the USA

If you don't like watching someone pray, then change the channel. It is simple.