State of the Union......For Dummies

The blatant disregard for America

State of the Union......For Dummies

 I began to watch the President's State of the Union Address this morning and made it through about 30 minutes of it when I realized something. It was something that was just completely mind-blowing and made me wonder why there are still people who can't figure it out. It made me wonder why there are people who are still against the President, and on what grounds they refuse to acknowledge the fact that he is doing a lot of good for the country.  But one moment stuck out to me. Now there where applause breaks after everything he said from the republican side which is to be expected and the other side sat on their asses the whole time which is again, to be expected. Republicans versus democrats are nothing more than a glorified version of high school kids bickering back and forth, but the one moment that stuck out to me was when the President said, " we will take care of American first", and the democrat or liberal side, sat in silence. This to me said much more than anything the President said.

 So they hate Trump, ok that's their prerogative, that's their right to disagree with the President on what his policies are and what not and that is perfectly fine. That is their right as American citizens or alleged citizenship from some of them. But for them to completely throw away and disrespect the idea of doing better for our country before we worry about other countries. As soon as the President said it, Pelosi " The Great Wine-O", shook her head in disagreement, and the rest of the Democrats in attendance sat there with stoic looks on their faces, and shook their heads "no". So after seeing that, and seeing people who bash Trump daily, I have to wonder, do these people want to live in America, love America, and want America to succeed, or are these people wanting the country to fail, but as long as it means more money in their pocket then ok? 

 If you are a citizen of this country, and you live in this country, then you should be happy as hell that we have a president who wants, and fights for America to become better. You should be proud that America is thriving without the help of other countries. You should want the country to continue to grow, and progress and be a better country for future generations regardless if you like the president or not. But for you to go on your commercials and social media tirades, and say that "Trump is bad for America", yet when he has passed bills, that are beneficial to America, all you can do is shake your head and sit on your stuck up, holier than thou, cry baby ass?  Shame on you, stop drinking so damn much and pay attention to what NEEDS to happen for the country, as opposed to what YOU WANT to happen for the country. 

                And as far as you people who bash Trump, because he is allegedly racist, or misogynistic, or because he doesn't cower down, and coddle you when something happens like the last useless excuse for a president did, it is time for you to know your place, sit down, and shut up. Every day a lot of you people post on social media about "not my president", and want to get someone new in the white house and this and that, here is a newsflash for you. There is a reason these people are making shit up as they go to try and impeach Trump because they know they can't beat him straight up and it terrifies the hell out of them because they know their free ride of screwing the American people over to line their pockets, is all but done. Now that they have no leg to stand on for impeachment, they are crying and sulking like a 4-year-old who doesn't get their way. It is so easy to see when watching the address, who is really for America, and who is for their agenda, and the fact that so many of you still actually believe that people like Pelosi, and AOC and her band of idiots, are a good thing for the country, then you need more help than anyone, and you are a part of the problem. I am not saying that you should all of the sudden be a Trump supporter, but you should be an American supporter, a supporter for someone who wants the country to be better, a supporter of America who wants the country to flourish, a supporter for America who wants the country to get out of the rut that it was in under Bush and Obama. Stop thinking just because it is Trump then you disagree. Stop thinking you can't like a bill because it was pushed by Republicans. Stop all that ridiculous nonsense, and just look at the facts, and support what is good for the Country, not the party, because, at the end of the day, neither party gives a damn about us, we as a society, have to trumpet the good and stomp out the bad. Trump may not be the best, but he has for sure made strides in making America stronger, and that is all you should worry about. It isn't a Trump thing or a party thing, it should be an American thing. In closing, Trump is till YOUR President.

Also, another rant for another time, but I couldn’t help but notice that everyone inside the House during the speech, were a bunch of old, rich, white folks who have been in power for over 30 years. It is time for limits on the senate to get these people out of office. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. It is time for some new blood to get in there to hopefully continue the work of the President, to better this country.

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