The Health Care Fraud

WE the People will be taken care of, as long as we can afford it.

The Health Care Fraud

 Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I am back for my first blog in about a week. I have unfortunately been down with the flu the last couple of days so haven't felt like doing much else, and quite honestly I didn't know what to write about. I mean normally my go-to is sports but other than the Kobe tragedy which I have already covered, is the only thing that has been going on. I know the Super Bowl is coming up, but if you scroll through Facebook for more than 5 seconds you will see post after post the game and who you think is going to win and so on. But there is one thing that came from having the flu, and that is an inspiration. How could that be though, well I am going to let you know. Now full disclosure, this will not informative post or a post with a lot of facts and links and whatnot. This will be a full-blown rant and maybe just maybe the conspiracy theorist in me will come out a little bit. 

 So first of all, let me be clear, this is in no way a shot at doctors or nurses who deserve every benefit they get and then some. Point blank these people save lives and have one of the few real jobs in the world. Charles Barkley has said," The only real jobs in the world are teachers, armed forces, police, firefighters and doctors". Well, I do agree with that, we should add nurses into that mix as well. So before I get started on my rant, I don’t believe that the cause of what I am going to talk about is caused by doctors and nurses. Mainly because I don’t think people will put themselves through years and years of schooling, and incredibly difficult tests, and crazy amounts of stress to help people, just to turn around and jip them. Now maybe there are or were a couple of high profile doctors who had a hand in it, but all in all, I think they are in the clear and innocent of these charges.

 So what "charges" am I talking about? Well, that would be the complete sham that is health insurance and the price that we have to pay to get help if we are hurt or sick. So as it stands now, I currently pay $120 a month for health insurance. I know that is cheap compared to what some people pay, but it's getting the flu that caused this rant. So I pay that money every month to have insurance, I get the flu, go get my medicine, and the total of the medicine I am prescribed is $100. So what exactly in the bluest of blue hells am I paying for? I have to pay money to get insurance but in the end, I still have to pay a ridiculous amount for 5 days worth of medicine? For anyone who doesn’t believe big pharma and the amazing government we have to think that they care about the citizens, this should be proof. They will help you, as long as you can pay a lot of money. So they profit off of you paying for insurance, and then they profit off the medicine you are provided. 

                It doesn’t take a genius to realize that we as citizens are being financially destroyed by this greedy corrupt insurance and government mafia. Even better, I had to pay the full price for Tamiflu because my insurance wouldn't cover it. So what is the damn point in having to pay for insurance if important medicines aren't covered? If you are paying money every month to have the security of health insurance, shouldn't you be able to get what medicine you need when you need it without having to pay more and more money that for the most part, we don't have?  And before anyone says anything about electing Bernie for "free" healthcare, you need to do some research, free doesn't mean free. Our illustrious government doesn't do anything for free. So for those of you who want it, you will be extremely disappointed if you get it.

                Anyways that’s it for now, I had to get all that off my chest. Health insurance just like car insurance is an absolute scam designed to keep you paying more and more money, on top of paying tax upon tax. It’s not hard to figure out folks, as long as you keep paying money then they care. But as soon as you can’t pay, well then let’s just hope you don’t die.

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