The Kobe Tragedy and Perspective on Life

The appreciation of Life

The Kobe Tragedy and Perspective on Life

Why is it that it takes a tragedy for us to look at and appreciate life? Every day we go about life doing the same thing, going to work, coming home, taking care of kids, cooking and cleaning, it is the same old thing every day and not thinking anything about it, just the same old stuff on different days. Then all of a sudden a tragedy happens and we are stuck wondering why and trying to put life into perspective. 

 Sunday, January 26, 2020, will be a day that will be remembered for one of these tragedies, especially for sports fans. Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and 7 other people were killed in a helicopter crash that afternoon. Whether you loved or hated Kobe the basketball player and were a fan of the Lakers or not, this shook the entire sports world. Kobe was a transcendent talent that everyone knew regardless of how big a sports fan you were or not. There was a generation of kids, who would imitate Kobe while shooting, whether it be a basketball or a wadded up piece of trash into the trash can. Kobe is a true sports legend, not just a basketball legend, and one of the greatest American athletes to ever walk this planet. His competitiveness and desire to win was second to none. While for a lot of players getting to the playoffs was a success, he contributed success to winning championships, anything less was unacceptable. He was and is the inspiration behind many players in the league today. They wanted to play because they saw Kobe Bryant on tv dominating every game he was in, and that was it, they wanted to be like Kobe.

                After the news broke of Kobe, and his daughter and 7 other people being killed in a helicopter crash, athletes, entertainers, friends, fans all alike poured out their sympathies for all the families and recollecting their favorite Kobe moments, and times when they met Kobe. Also given the thought as parents of what it may have been like to know a tragedy is about to happen while your child is with you knowing that neither of you will come out of it. As a dad myself, I couldn't even begin to imagine what it was like being Kobe at that moment, with your child sitting beside you, knowing, that this is it. Knowing that your child will no longer have a future, knowing your child is about to take their last breath, and knowing that, you are leaving your wife, and other children behind.

 But when something like this happens to someone famous, or a plane crashes, or a mass shooting happens, inevitably, the comments of "this puts life into perspective" and people to will tell you to tell your family that you love them, and to hug your child tonight, and so and so forth. Why is that? Why does it take a tragedy for us to realize that life is a precious treasure that can end in an instant? Why is it that it takes a tragedy for us to realize that we need to be more appreciative of life and our family and friends?

                Regardless of your situation, life is something that should always be treasured. All of us are guilty of taking life and everything we have for granted. Sometimes it is impossible not to, we get stuck in a daily routine and just go with the flow following the same everyday schedule we have ended up being stuck in, that we never take time to stop and appreciate what we have until a tragedy occurs, and then we end up thinking about life, and kids, family, and friends. Point is, it shouldn't have to take a legend dying for us to realize that life is precious. It shouldn't take a terrorist attack or mass shooting for us to want to hug our kids a little harder and make them feel extra special. It shouldn't take a family dying for us to appreciate the family we have, blood relatives or not. Truth is, we need to appreciate the preciousness of life every day. We need to watch and talk and play with our kids every day and enjoy moments with them, and not try to create moments so you can post them to social media.  The simple point is, enjoy life every day. Sure there are days where you feel like nothing goes right, but at the end of the day, you are still alive and breathing, and if you have kids, if they are happy and healthy, then you have an amazing life.

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Remember and Cherish ALL that were killed in the crash, not just Kobe

Don’t compare your life to other people, look at what you have and be thankful.

Everyone, take a piece of paper, wad it up, take a shot, and yell KOBE!!