Watch Movies/ TV Shows Free With No Sign-Up

Websites to watch movies in theater and TV shows for free without having to sign up for anything.

Watch Movies/ TV Shows Free With No Sign-Up

Okay, guys so I'm going to be telling you about two websites I use to watch movies and TV shows for free. I know what your thinking, no you do not have to sign up or create an accountOne of the sites literally has movies that are in the theater now. You can watch movies and TV shows from your phone and screen mirror to a TV or computer. If you have a smart TV you can go on the internet on your TV and go to the website and watch movies and TV shows from there.

You literally do not even need cable at this point if you can access most movies and TV shows.  The TV shows on the first website has the latest season that is out now on TV like Netflix.  It takes a while for them to be up to date with seasons. So you can be up to date with your favorite TV shows by watching them on the link provided below. 

The YESMOVIE website, I will provide at the bottom of this paragraph. YESMOVIE is the one that has literally everything to watch for free and no signup. The only little annoying thing is every time you click on something a new tab opens up. All you have to do is keep closing it out and continue on the tab you were on. If you click on a movie a new tab will open up to a whole different website just close and click movie again until you get to where you want. It is a little annoying but I think It is worth it because I'm watching anything I want for free. I guess that's the price we have to pay. LOL. Here is the website below to access all the movies and TV shows.

When you go to the YESMOVIE website and it loads up like the image below this sentence, just click "use the old YESMOVIE"

The next website is AFDAH.  You can either google it or use the URL search I will leave under this paragraph. This website doesn't have the pop-up tabs opening up every time you click something but this one does not have as many options as the first one. You will find good movies on here. Some new, some old.  

I really hope these are useful to you guys so you can either watch on spare time alone or enjoy movies or tv shows with the family. I know for me this has definitely come in handy :)

To watch FREE movies just click the link YESMOVIES