Work From Home As A Search Engine Evaluator

Work from home opportunity as a Search Engine Evaluator.

Work From Home As A Search Engine Evaluator

This is a work from home opportunity. I myself am working for this company called Appen and the project I'm under right now is "Arrow". I will post a link below the article to the direct page to submit your application. The application process is pretty fast. The pay is at 11/HR. The max hours you can do a week is 26 and the minimum is 15 hours. The company pays every two weeks, direct deposit. The position is for search engine evaluator. It is very easy and you don't need any experience. I will put the definition of the Search Engine Evaluator down below. You will need to pass an exam before getting hired. The company sends you a guideline to study and then when your ready to take the test you have ten days to complete your exam. Once you have completed the exam you are hired and ready to work. I work from the comfort of my own home and I love it because I am able to stay at home with my 6-month-old baby and attend to my five-year-old son. I don't have to pay for daycare or after school programs.


What is a search engine evaluator? Basically, this is a person who evaluates search engine results to determine if they are relevant or not to the term typed in. ... As a search evaluator, it's your job to determine the relevancy of these pages based on specific search terms.

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