200 Custom Room Card For All Players free fire

In the last few days the subject “ 200 Custom Free Fire rooms ” has been widely commented on in the community through social networks, several players are asking for this item as a prize for the Free Fire anniversary event in the next June update .

The ” 200 ” amount went viral because the influencers received this total of personalized room to use with their followers. In our social networks we also received messages from the community asking us to take to Garena suggestion of free personalized rooms for players.


On Monday (20), the coordinator of Free Fire influencers ,  Gabriel Espinosa ( GB ), who is part of the Garena team in Brazil commented on the matter. According to him, there is a maximum limit on the creation of Free Fire custom rooms , so if players created several rooms at the same time it would overload the server.

Gabriel Espinosa also commented on the error in creating a personalized room where the message “ full room ” is displayed, precisely because of the maximum amount that was reached at the moment. Thus, at the moment it is not possible to release a large number of personalized rooms or even leave them unlimited, as requested by the players.

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