3 most popular Free Fire collab rewards

Garena Free Fire is one of the best game in worldwide,the reason behind the immense fame or vitality of Garena Free Fire can be attributed to various reasons, and among them are the collaborative events. Players often spot new collaborations in Free Fire’s event section, which are done to promote and grow.

Garena Free Fire has been banned in India.Garena Free Fire is a hugely popular battle royale game and was the most downloaded Android game in October 2021. While the game remains banned in the country and delisted from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, those who already had the game on their smartphones can still play it.

One such popular collaboration that is still online in the game is the one with BTS. Players have welcomed a plethora of new items into the game, but the BTS-designed costume bundles have become everyone’s favorite

3. I’m Rich emote (Money Heist collab 2020)

The Spanish crime drama heist show, Money Heist, was among the most popular Netflix shows in 2020 and 2021. Thus, Garena collaborated with the same to expand its brand while also promoting the series.The first collaboration with Money Heist happened in September 2020, which showcased some of the most-loved collectibles in the game. Among these rewards was the I’m Rich emote showcasing the replication of the famous Money Heist scene.Thus, it was pretty understandable that I’m Rich has struck a chord with the masses even after more than one and half years.

2. Obliteration emote (One-Punch Man collab)

One-Punch Man is among the most famous Anime and Manga globally. Fans have appreciated the unique superhero story of Saitama time and again. Thus, Garena cashed in on the opportunity to have a collaboration with One-Punch Man.Plenty of items made their way to the game, but the legendary-level Obliteration emote amassed immense popularity. The reason was that the animation featured the mighty punch from Saitama with stunning VFX.

1. Chrono and his exclusive items (CR7 Collab)

There have been an array of characters in the game, with many of them being introduced via collaborations with celebrities. However, there isn’t any celebrity as famous as Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.The in-game character introduced via CR7 collab in December 2020 borrows his looks from the star footballer. He has remained one of the most famous character choices in the game despite several nerfs in his active skill “Time Turner.”Alongside Chrono, many CR7-themed items from the Bounty Hunter series have also become favorites.

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