4 reasons why Indian WWE Superstar Veer Mahaan hasn’t been getting a chance to fight for a while now

Indian WWE Superstar Veer Mahaan has dominated the roster ever since he returned to Raw as a new character after WrestleMania this year. Not only this, no one has been able to defeat Veer Mahan by pin or submission since his return. It looked like Veer would soon be able to become a big star in the company.

However, there has been a change in the bookings of Veer in the recent past and let us tell you, for the last several weeks, Veer has not got a chance to contest matches in the Red brand. Veer Mahan was last seen competing in a battle royal match on June 27 in the episode of Raw. In this article, we are going to mention 4 such reasons why Indian WWE Superstar Veer Mahan is not getting a chance to fight matches for some time now.

4. WWE may have stopped Veer Mahan’s push

Veer Mahan had to face defeat for the first time since his return in the Battle Royal match on June 27 on WWE Raw and since then Veer has not been given any special booking. Not only this, Veer Mahan has also been made a part of some simple segments since this match and this could be a sign of Veer’s downfall in the raid brand.

It looks like maybe WWE has put a hold on Veer Mahan’s push for the time being and that’s why he hasn’t got a chance to fight on Raw for a long time. We hope Veer Mahan gets a chance to fight again in the Red brand at the earliest.

3. WWE probably wants to give Veer Mahan a chance to fight matches only after improving his in-ring skills

Veer Mahan impressed a lot through his matches after his return. Through the matches fought after the return of Veer Mahan, it seemed that he worked hard to hone his in-ring skills. However, it looks like WWE wants to further improve the in-ring skills of the heroic Mahan.

Perhaps this is the reason why Veer Mahan hasn’t been seen fighting matches in the Raid brand since he fought the Battle Royal match on June 27. Even though Veer has not been seen fighting matches on Raw, he has definitely got a chance to fight matches in live events and main events. If seen, if Veer Mahan can improve his in-ring skills, then not only will his matches become more interesting but he will look more dangerous in the ring than before.

2. WWE probably doesn’t want to match Veer Mahan without storyline

After his return to the WWE, Veer Mahan was built as a monster by making him match against local talent. Veer then appeared in a feud with Rey Mysterio & Dominic on the legendary Raw and Veer hasn’t got a chance to be a part of a new storyline against a superstar since the feud ended.

Looks like he hasn’t been included in any new storylines as WWE has no plans. This is the reason why Veer Mahan is not getting a chance to fight matches at the present time. Anyway, without any storyline there would be no point in fighting Veer’s match and neither would Veer get much advantage because of this.

1.WWE probably wants to book Veer Mahan to fight matches only on special occasions

As we mentioned, Veer Mahan has been booked as a monster since his return to WWE. Veer Mahan not getting a chance to fight for a long time could also be an indication that the company wants to book him as a special attraction. This means that WWE only wants to match Veer on special occasions.

At present, there are few select superstars like Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar who are seen fighting matches only on special occasions and the fans are eagerly waiting for the match of these superstars. Looks like WWE is looking to book Veer like these superstars. If so, then it will be interesting to see whether Veer can leave a mark like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in the minds of great fans.

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