5 best Free Fire MAX players known for their pro gameplay

Free Fire is one of the best mobile games in the world. Its fan base is very wide as the active players range in millions every day. To be the best at this game is very hard and yet, there are few individuals who are just better at this game than the others. Here is the list of top five Free Fire players in the world.

List of Free Fire MAX players with the best gameplay


Bruno ‘Nobru’ Goes is a Brazilian content creator and streamer who also happens to be a professional esports player. He is the co-founder of the team, Fluxo, and has participated in several tournaments, finishing fourth in the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore. His UID number within the game is 228159683, and he is a part of the Fluxo Gaming guild, whose leader is Cerol.Nobru is adored by his fans for his exceptional abilities and game sense. As of this writing, his YouTube channel has 13.3 million subscribers and 884.05 million views.

4) WHITE444 YT

WHITE444 YT is another highly popular YouTuber among Free Fire’s global community. His montages feature excellent gameplay and have insane editing as well. The content creator’s ID in the game is 1133099286, and he plays in the Middle East server of the battle royale title.He recently crossed the mark of 5 million subscribers, currently standing at 5.06 million. Additionally, there are 134.43 million views on his videos. However, WHITE444 YT hasn’t been active recently, rarely uploading content every few months.


Raistar is a name that would be familiar to the vast majority of Indian players, and he is one of the most well-known players in the country due to his gameplay prowess. His ID within Free Fire MAX is 12022250, and he is ranked in Gold III in the Battle Royale mode.Over the years, Raistar has witnessed an incredible rise, with his channel possessing 6.68 million subscribers and 154.52 million views.He has also previously made versus videos in which he competed against other well-known YouTubers such as SYBLUS, Wota FF, and others.

2) B2K (Born2Kill)

Born2Kill (B2K) comes in at number two on this list, and his gameplay abilities have helped him amass a large following on YouTube. Essentially, the channel is run by two brothers: Moez & Walid Mansouri, who hail from Tunisia. Their account ID within the game is 320653047.The duo has been regularly publishing content based on the game for the past few years. Their primary channel has more than 8.73 million subscribers, with a cumulative total of over 572.80 million views. They also have three more YouTube channels to upload other types of videos.


RUOK FF is arguably the finest Free Fire content creator with the best gameplay. His effectiveness and flair on the battlefield have earned him the admiration of millions of people worldwide. The same is represented by the numbers that he has gathered.At the moment, the YouTuber from Thailand is well on his way to reaching the mammoth 10 million subscriber mark, with a total of 9.82 million subscribers. In addition, he has around 598 million views to his credit. Readers can check out his stats by looking up his UID: 261109577.

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