5 reasons why most players fail to maintain a high K/D ratio in Free Fire Max

Having a high KD ratio in Free Fire will make everyone consider you as one of the best players, but increasing it in the game is tricky. Here, in this article, we will look at some tips to increase KD ratio in Free Fire.Free Fire is one of the most played games on the mobile gaming platform and it offers many unique elements unlike other titles on the platform. The developers keep bringing in new events and cosmetics into the game which make players exciting as well as engaging in the game.

Players are given a unique ID in the game and there are stats that are used to check player’s overall performance. The stats contain no. of matches played, wins, KD ratio, no. of kills, headshots, headshot rate, and many more. KD ratio is the ratio that tells the number of kills you get in a match. Players would consider it as a basic aspect to know whether the player is good or bad. Let us discuss some tips to increase KD ratio in Free Fire.

Common reasons why most players fail to maintain a high K/D ratio in Free Fire Max

5) Getting kills, but dying frequently

As mentioned earlier, the KD ratio is calculated as the ratio of total kills to total deaths. For players to have a higher K/D ratio and sustain it, they should consider getting as many kills as possible but at the same time avoid dying.Some players tend to forget the latter and go in guns blazing, trying to get kills. However, in doing so, they more often than not end up dying, which can negatively affect their overall high K/D ratio

4) Not getting enough Booyah

Players get Booyahs in Free Fire MAX when they survive till the end and emerge victoriously. This helps improve their K/D ratio by keeping the death count stable and to a minimum.In many cases, players obtain a high number of kills in their matches. However, in the end, they fail to secure a Booyah and get eliminated in the end zone. This can have a detrimental impact on the overall K/D score of the player in the short and long term.

3) Fighting in hot drops

Once a player attains a high K/D ratio, it is logical for them to try and avoid hot drops as much as possible. But in the heat of the moment, not many players pay much attention to this and end up landing, fighting, and dying in these locations.Landing in dangerous places like Clock Tower and Factory has a track record of getting players killed either immediately or in quick succession. Dying like this will not help any player’s K/D ratio.

2) Not having any consistent teammates

Even though one of the most entertaining parts of Free Fire MAX is the random squad matches, they hamper the K/D ratio drastically. Teammates often log out or abandon the squad in search of solo glory.For this reason, having a consistent squad is vital to improving these stats. With a well-coordinated squad, players can work wonders on the battlefield. Through a bit of practice and fire drills, they’ll be able to face down enemy teams with ease.

1) Camping for long stretches

Camping, albeit being a good strategy in Free Fire MAX, can prove to be detrimental at times for players trying to maintain a high K/D ratio. There is a lot of waiting that goes on while camping before a player can register a kill.Getting kills like this may not garner the desired number that a player would hope for. In the worst-case scenario, they may just end up dying and, in turn, negatively impact their K/D ratio.

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