BGMI (PUBG Mobile) vs Free Fire Max : Which is better?

Although both Free Fire Max and BGMI look similar, there are some major differences between these popular battle royale games.

Free Fire may have been banned in India, but its Max version is still available to play. The game allows users to play with their existing Free Fire IDs and keep all progress and items from the lite version. However, should you download and play the Free Fire Max whose future in India looks bleak? Or should you switch to PUBG Mobile Indian version Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which has been approved by the government? Here’s a quick BGMI vs Free Fire Max comparison to help you decide:

BGMI vs Free Fire Max graphics

In terms of graphics, both BGMI and Free Fire Max deliver a somewhat similar experience. The graphics are exactly what you would expect from a battle royale mobile game, which is neither mind-blowing nor pixelated.

BGMI as well as Free Fire Max allow you to play at a high frame rate on UHD resolution. Maxing out the resolution and frame rate could be a great idea on high-end smartphones as the games will offer better visuals. However, low-end devices are recommended to use lower resolution and frame rates.

BGMI vs Free Fire Max game modes

BGMI and Free Fire Max both come with some unique game modes, besides battle royale. Here are all the game modes currently available in BGMI and Free Fire Max:

Free Fire Max game modes

BR – Ranked
CS – Ranked
Battle Royale
Clash Squad
Creative Mode
Lone Wolf

BGMI game modes

Ranked battle royale
Unranked battle royale
Team Deathmatch
Arena Training
Gun Game
Metro Royale
Payload 2.0
Quick Match
Sniper Training

BGMI vs Free Fire Max maps

Free Fire Max maps

Bermuda (BR – Ranked, Battle Royale, Clash Squad)
Alpine (BR – Ranked, Battle Royale)
Bermuda Remastered (Clash Squad)
Purgatory (BR – Ranked, Battle Royale, Clash Squad)
Kalahari (Battle Royale, Clash Squad)
Iron Cage (Lone Wolf)

BGMI maps

Erangel (Ranked, Unranked, Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration)
Livik (Ranked, Unranked, Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration)
Sanhok (Ranked, Unranked)
Miramar (Ranked, Unranked)
Vikendi (Ranked, Unranked)
Aftermath (Unranked)
Karakin (Ranked, Unranked)
Santorini (Team Deathmatch, Arena Training)
Warehouse (Team Deathmatch, Arena Training)
Hangar (Gun Game)
Ruins (Assault)
Town (Domination)

BGMI vs Free Fire Max gameplay

The battle royale and gunplay experience of both BGMI and Free Fire Max is quite similar. What makes these games different are the maps, game modes, and events. BGMI has more exciting game modes and maps compared to Free Fire Max. The Free Fire Max, on the other hand, offers a lot of variety to players. Hopefully, Garena will focus on adding more maps and modes to the Max in the future.

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