Elite Pass At 90% Discount In free fire

As I Promised You before that Elite Pass will be arrived at 90% Off and it is arrived today after a long interval of time. So Please Go and Subscribe My Youtube channel RDX VARUN and support my efforts For you. Dear Survivors, I know that many of you were expecting free elite pass this month because of the free fire anniversary month celebration here, but due to many reasons we can’t provide free elite pass to all the servers but……

wait, is almost over today and the best thing is here for the indian server as indian server is also a free fire majority server in the world. Alert, alert! We had confirmation of a discount for the August Elite Pass – Sushi Threat, which arrived on Tuesday (08/25) at Value Pack Event Store With Over 6 Catalog to choose From.

  1. Unlock A Discount pack by Flipping a card.
  2. once you got discounted card then you are all set to get what you want.
  3. you will get 6cats to choose from with over 6000 worth diamonds item in 199 only.

Hope you like this event spread this news to all the free fire lovers and subscribe RDX VARUN YouTube channel.

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