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Free Fire presents users with various customizable settings that they can adjust to fine-tune their overall gameplay experience. Among these, getting the sensitivity settings right can help players up their game. Sensitivity not only influences gunplay but has a considerable impact on movement and other related aspects. However, hardware being utilized to play, comfort level, gameplay, and more are vital determinants of this.

From YouTubers to many professional players,

they have always advised users to have their sensitivity set towards the higher end of the scale on budget and mid devices while reducing it just slightly on top-end smartphones.

This is due to the fact that the high sensitivity in this battle royale title provides multiple benefits like better moments and helps to hit more headshots in many cases.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and players should not install or play the game.

Best sensitivity in Free Fire

Getting the sensitivity right is important for the players, as messing it up could spell disaster. For instance, setting these higher or lower than the requirement will lead to worse performance as the player will miss more shots.

Here is the best sensitivity that they can utilize:

  • General: 90 – 100
  • Red Dot: 85 – 95
  • 2x Scope: 75 – 85
  • 4x Scope: 75 – 85
  • Sniper Scope: 65 – 75

Free Look does not influence gunplay and can be set at any level.

Since sensitivity is a subjective aspect, the settings mentioned above are suggestive ranges. Moreover, it is advisable to take these as a base and subsequently alter them by heading into the training island.

What to avoid?

Some players copy the Free Fire settings of their favorite gamer. However, in most instances, it will not yield results. Sensitivity, as well as HUD, depend on the preference.

However, certain users continuously change their settings. They see no improvement in the performance as it takes time to get hold of a particular sensitivity level.

Additionally, some players jump into the ranked game straightaway after altering their sensitivity, but this would not be the best-case scenario as they should practice a while to get used to it.

Tips to get more kills and headshots

Irrespective of the gun and its damage, hitting a headshot is the most effective way to take down the opponent in no time. Mastering this valuable skill in Free Fire takes effort, even when setting the correct sensitivity.

Hitting drag headshots with automatic guns with a higher rate of fire is slightly easier. Players should drag their fire button in the direction of the enemy’s head, which will take the crosshair to the head and, as a result, netting an easy and quick kill.

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