Free Fire Max 2023 Update Part 2

The new OB38 version of Garena’s Battle Royale will arrive in the next few days through the Free Fire Max update, maintenance will take place globally on all servers. Today we will detail all the information about the FF Max update.

The January 2023 Free Fire Max update will take place next Wednesday (11 January) after 08:30 (Indian Time), and the end of maintenance time is after 05:30 (Indian Time).

Check below the list of changes of the Free Fire Max 0B38 update in January 2023:

FF Login on Multiple Accounts

According to Garena’s statement, from January 11, players will be able to link their Free Fire Max account to more than one platform, this measure serves to reduce the risk of the user losing access to the game. It is worth remembering that it is currently only possible to link your game account to only one platform or social network.

New Pet: Mandacaru

Mandacaru’s skill, Self-Sufficiency, can recover EP points when the player is stopped for a while during matches, check it out in the video below:

New Character: Santino

The new character in 2023 is named  Santino, his ability can create a  teleportation dummy, and can also cause damage to enemies. “Creates a dummy with 150 EP capable of moving on its own for 5s. When the dummy arrives at the desired destination, use the skill again to teleport to the dummy. The dummy will self-destruct when used.”

New Gold Royale in Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max’s new gold royale will be released next Thursday, January 12, 2023, after 08:30  (Indian time). The skin is exclusive for female characters, the bundle can be divided into up to 4 or 5 parts, such as glasses, hair, shirt, pants and shoes.

Changes in Kenta’s Ability

After the update, Kenta’s shield will be active while the player fires simultaneously. Despite this novelty, shield protection will be reduced, check out how it should look after the update:

Active shield protection is reduced to 50% (currently 65%), and the percentage drops to 10% when the user fires (with protection activated). It is worth remembering that the duration of the shield will remain the same at 5 seconds, as well as the recharge time at 70 seconds (at the maximum level).

Gloo Wall Update

The Gloo Mason is a new type of device that should arrive in Free Fire Max in the OB38 version, which will be released after the January update. The Gloo Mason will be available in every player’s backpack from the start of matches, under the gadgets category. Users will not need to do anything, the device will automatically generate the gloo walls, check it out in the video below:

Free Character Slots

From January 11, 2023, all characters will have their skill slots unlocked for free, that is, it will no longer be necessary to use diamonds or gold to unlock them. Characters will have the 3 slots automatically unlocked, so players can add skills.

Other Updates

Character skills bonus in Contra Squad mode: at the beginning of some rounds, you can choose a skill to receive the bonus.

Option to mark and send a quick message after being eliminated from the match,
Greater variety of quick messages.

Colored flags on teammates.

“Strategy” option in the lobby: the player can quickly change character skills before joining the match.

Optimization in Zombie Hunt mode.

Option to log out of all devices connected to the same Free Fire account.

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