Free Fire Max Season 3 March Elite Pass: rewards and all details

Garena Free Fire Max is a multiplayer game that launched in 2021. The game is an updated version of Garena Free Fire and has become popular after the former’s ban in India. The game became much more popular across the country when the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile. Players can get rewards such as weapons skins and characters in ‘Elite Pass’ to improve their gaming experience.

Free Fire Max Elite Pass provides a bulk of rewards at a reasonable price. With the February Booyah pass already released, fans have already started to look forward courtesy of leaks. Here’s all you need to know about Free Fire MAX March Booyah Pass and its rewards. Premium Pass would cost 499 Diamonds while the Premium Plus pack would cost 999 diamonds.

You will have to upgrade the Elite Pass to enjoy all of the rewards mentioned below. Besides these, the Pass also features multiple gun skin trials, Vouchers, Cube Fragments, loadout items, Universal Fragments, and more. All of these items collectively make the Pass a very cost-effective choice.

Free Fire Max Season 3 (March) Booyah Pass Rewards

Level 1:- M70 Project Q Gun Skin
Level 10:- Monster Truck – Project Q
Level 20:- Qualia Wave Banner
Level 40:- Project Qualia Loot Box
Level 50:- Project Either Bundle
Level 70:- Grenade – Project Q
Level 80:- Project Qualia Skyboard
Level 90:- Project Qualia Backpack
Level 100:- BP S3 Crate and Project Azure Bundle
Level 110:- BP S3 Crate
Level 120:- Booyah Pass S3 Crate
Level 130:- Project Sickle
Level 140:- Gloo Wall – Project Q
Level 150:- M79 Project Q and Booyah Pass Crate 3

After Level 150:- BP S3 Deluxe Crate (Repeatable rewards which can be claimed every 1 Battle Pass level)

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