Free Fire Max Wish Store in 2023: date, skin and more

This week Garena will launch the first edition of the Free Fire Max Wish Store in India, the information was confirmed by officials through the last weekly calendar. Today we will detail the information about the date, skin and more.

The  Free Fire Max Wish Store will be launched today, Wednesday, January 4, 2023. Among the main items of the Free Fire Wish Store are the “Energy Beat” emote and the “Notora, Chapa Quente” skin.

How much does the event cost?

Check the values of each spin below (these values can be changed),

  • 1st spin = 9 Diamonds
  • 2nd spin = 59 Diamonds
  • 3rd spin = 199 Diamonds
  • 4th spin = 399 Diamonds
  • 5th spin = 399 Diamonds
  • 6th spin = 799 Diamonds

How the event works

Choose 1 of the 6 prizes in the main category and subcategory.

After confirming the 2 chosen prizes there will be 6 items that can be obtained by spinning.

The price of each spin will keep going up, but you have a chance to get the grand prize on the 1st spin and also a chance to get it on the last spin.

The items you will receive in each spin will be deleted, this way the user will not win repeated prizes.

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