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Considering that the characters and their respective abilities have evolved into a fundamental building block of the Free Fire MAX gameplay, the creators make frequent changes to ensure that players receive nothing but the finest possible experience in this regard.

Players can directly acquire these highly influential characters via the stores by spending diamonds. However, the feasibility of doing so has always been a big question for most gamers. To solve this problem, after the recent update, the developers have provided users with an opportunity to get a free, permanent character.

However, free characters necessitate significant work and require much more than a few clicks.

Steps to getting free characters in Free Fire MAX

Since 24 March 2022, free characters have been available in Free Fire MAX, and gamers have more than two weeks to complete the requirements.

Players should first collect LINK Tokens and subsequently exchange them for a Character Choice Crate that offers a permanent character. Redeeming one such crate requires 100 tokens.

Users may choose between two options: they can either accomplish daily tasks to get LINK tokens or purchase them straight from the store using the gold they have accumulated over time.

The missions are not challenging by any means but will require a good amount of time to complete.

The rewards along with the tasks are as follows:

  • Play one match to obtain 2 LINK Tokens
  • Eliminate five enemies to obtain 1 LINK Token
  • Win a single match in Clash Squad mode to obtain 1 LINK Token
  • Achieve top 5 place in Battle Royale mode to obtain 1 LINK Token
  • Play the game for 60 minutes to obtain 2 LINK Tokens
  • Play eight matches to obtain 1 LINK Token
  • Play 80 minutes to obtain 2 LINK Tokens
  • Play 12 matches to obtain 1 LINK Token

However, there are a few restrictions on the number of LINK Tokens that gamers can get through the

store. It costs 500 gold coins, and gamers can get only four of these daily.

Thus, most users can get 15 LINK Tokens every day in Free Fire thus over a week, and they will accumulate enough tokens to get a free character of their choice.

Here are the steps to getting free characters in the game:

Once you have collected enough tokens, you may follow the steps given below:

Step 1: You should open the event in Free Fire MAX and select the Free Character System tab.

Step 2: Next, access the exchange section under Redeem Free Character.

Step 3: Claim the Character Choice Box and open it to select the desired character.

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