How to get Art of Comedy Pack on Free Fire Max: date and news

In the next few days, Garena will launch a new skin for female characters in the Indian server, the outfit called “Art of Comedy” will be at the “The Sevens Discount” event. Today, February 5, 2023, we will detail the information about the date and more.

The Sevens Discount event will be launched Tomorrow, February 6, 2023, at 08:30 IST (Indian time), the information has been confirmed through the latest weekly calendar. The main customization of the Sevens Discount event will be the “Art of Comedy” package.

How The Event Works

The event will have a prize list limited to 7 rewards, and you can make attempts to get the items. The value of each attempt is as follows: 9, 29, 79, 129, 299, 399 and 599 diamonds. You have a chance to collect the Grand Prize on the 1st attempt and are sure to get it on the last attempt. The items you receive in each attempt will be removed and the chance to collect the Grand Prize will increase.

Every time after a spin, you can get a random discount for your next attempt. Be aware that you can get all prizes with just 1 try. The 6 different types of discounts are as follows –

Get all prizes with one attempt,
The next prize is free,
A fixed price (19 diamonds) on the next try,
A 30% discount on the next attempt,
A 40% discount on the next attempt,
A discount of 60 diamonds on the next attempt.

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