Hey Gamers, today we are here to tell you that how can you get the most demanding and paid characters of free fire in free. yes you read it right, it’s fully free for you as in free fire you already know that characters plays very important role to combat with other players. only spending gamers could acquire the most helpful and premium Free Fire characters in exchange for diamonds.

Surprisingly, now you can obtain these characters for free without investing money.

On 23 March, the OB33 iteration introduced a new system in the battle royale shooter called ‘Link System,’ using which users can earn permanent characters by completing tasks and missions within a few days.

Free Fire: Step-by-step guide to claiming any character for free using Link System

Currently, there are only two ways to acquire characters in Free Fire. i.e., either by spending hundreds of diamonds or using the Link System. Players can go for the former if they are in a hurry. Otherwise, the latter is the most recommended method.

Link System

Gamers can adhere to the following steps to unlock their desired characters without using diamonds:

Step 1: Log in to Free Fire and go to the ‘Character’ section.

Step 2: Click on the link option at the top.

Step 3: Tap on the plus icon and select the favorite character to link.

Note: Once linked, the character cannot be changed for 24 hours.

Step 4: After linking successfully, users have to obtain 13,500 link-progress points to claim that particular character. Points can be earned via the following methods:

  • Playing matches
  • Exchange using gold

A maximum of 2000 points can be obtained daily, of which 1500 points can be obtained by playing matches and 500 points using gold coins. However, the number of gold coins required increases each time:

  • 100 points – 200 gold
  • 100 points – 400 gold
  • 100 points – 600 gold
  • 100 points – 1000 gold
  • 100 points – 1500 gold

Hence, players can obtain 500 points by spending 3700 gold coins in total. In short, they need to be active in Free Fire for at least seven days to unlock a character.

Step 5: Once the link progress is done, gamers will see a ‘Claim’ option in the bottom-left corner. Click on that and start playing with the character instantly.

Best characters to unlock using Link System

Usually, with every open beta (OB) update, the developers add a new character to the BR title. Consequently, players must keep themselves updated with the changes in the meta.

In the current scenario, characters with active abilities like K, Alok, Wukong, and Skyler are being noticed by most users. Thus, those who do not have these options can prioritize them.

These premium characters are helpful in Clash Squad and Battle Royale ranked matches.

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