How to get Rare Backpack skin: Free Fire Max

The angelic theme is one of the favourites of the Free Fire Max fans, even if the skin is not necessarily an Angelic item, customizations that contain wings always become popular in Battle Royale games. Today, February 14, 2023, we will detail the information about the new backpack called “Cherub Wings.”

The new Free Fire Max backpack is now available in other regions, the customization is part of the Top-Up event on several servers. Despite having a wings design, the new Cherub Wings backpack is not part of Free Fire Max’s angelic collection, the customization was launched in celebration of Valentine’s week , which is celebrated in February.

Release date in India

So far, Garena has not commented on the launch of the new backpack skin on the Indian server. The Cherub Wings backpack has 3 levels like others.

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