How to get Squad Beatz Bundle in Free Fire Max

In the next few hours, Garena will bring back another pack from the “Squad Beatz” collection, the Shiro, Smokescreen pack will be available at the Free Fire Max Hot Codes event. Today we will detail the information about the date and more.

The new edition of the Free Fire Max Hot Codes event will be launched on the Indian server today, January 6, 2022, it will be available until 12/01. Check out the customization of the “Shiro, Smokescreen pack

How the event works

There are two options: 1 attempt for 9 diamonds and 10 attempts for 79 diamonds (based on the previous edition). Remember that there will be a discount of up to 60%  for 2 single attempts and 1 multiple attempt.

Each attempt entitles you to a random reward from the reward list; tap the “list of rewards” button to check the available rewards. It is possible to choose an option to try to get special rewards.

From 35 attempts, it is possible to receive a guaranteed prize. After collecting the super reward, it will be possible to unlock heat waves according to the number of attempts made to get discounts for some time. Please note: all rewards will be sent directly to the vault, and it will not be possible to exchange them for free attempts.

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