Mark Zuckerberg announces 3 new privacy features coming to WhatsApp

3 new privacy features are coming to WhatsApp. This will give you more control. It has one feature group and one for online status. Come on, learn.

WhatsApp has announced new privacy features. The company has announced 3 new features, which include leaving a group without notification and more control over online status. The Meta-owned company said it is also launching a campaign to let people know about the new features. WhatsApp already provides many features for the privacy of its users. This includes end-to-end encryption of messaging. Let us read below to know about these new privacy features.

These features coming in WhatsApp

Meta CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced in a Facebook post that WhatsApp is rolling out three new privacy features to its users. The first of these is such a feature, with the help of which people can leave the group silently. When leaving the group, its other members will not get any notification.

The second feature will give users more control over their online status. This will allow you to set who can see whether you are online or not. Apart from this, the third feature should be such that it will disable View Once Message for screenshots.

Zuckerberg said in a statement that he will continue to bring new ways to protect users’ messages. Let us know that these new privacy features are for both iOS and Android users.

Now this facility will be available in the group

One of these new WhatsApp privacy features is for feature groups. Through this, anyone can leave the group silently and no member will get its notification. However, the admin will know this. Now, when you leave the group, everyone inside the group sees it as a notification about who has left the group.

Now not everyone will be able to see your online status

In WhatsApp, now users will also be able to set who will be able to see their online status and who will not. For example, many of us do not want to reply to all the messages that you have received on the app, but you have to go online to answer some messages. This lets your friends know that you are online, but not replying to their messages. In such a situation, this feature will help you and you will be able to hide your online status from whomever you want.

One of the 3 new privacy features introduced by WhatsApp is an extension of the app’s View Once feature. People usually try to keep a record of their conversation even when the View Once feature is activated on their phone. It does not allow permanent digital record, so users take screenshots. This new feature will block screenshots from being taken for View Once Messages. All these features will be rolled out for every user soon.

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