New BTS Backpack Skin, Bundle And much More in Free Fire

Many Free Fire players depend on events to obtain exclusive in-game materials such as skins, costumes, and other items. Developers bring out new events continuously, and users eagerly await their arrival. Recently, content based on the Free Fire x BTS collaboration has found its way into the game, bringing a range of themed rewards.

Several events have already begun, providing players with a multitude of incentives. Furthermore, there are also plenty of new ones that will feature a diverse range of unique items such as backpack skin, skyboard skin, pet skin, and so on.

Details about upcoming Free Fire x BTS event rewards

Backpack (9 – 10 April)

As per the official calendar, this particular backpack skin will be a part of the Weekend Playtime event. Details haven’t been specified yet, but players can expect that they will be required to play the game for a particular duration of time.

Breezer Skyboard (9 April)

Breezer Skyboard will be offered on 9 April, which happens to be the peak day of the collaboration events. Developers will provide them with a free login reward and users will not have to perform any tasks.

Vehicle skin (4 – 15 April)

Gamers will have to accumulate particular tokens between 4 – 15 April and then exchange the same for the themed vehicle skin. Garena will likely reveal the specifics in the coming days. Users can also anticipate that the same event will feature a few other miscellaneous rewards for redemption.

Tricky Jolly pet skin – Mr. Waggor (1 – 10 April)

The event to obtain the Tricky Jolly pet skin isn’t far away, and it will begin on 1 April. It is titled ‘Play to get Tricky Jolly pet skin,’ so players will mostly be asked to play a certain number of matches to obtain Mr. Waggor’s special skin.

Costume bundles

The event for the costume bundle has already commenced, but users will only be able to get the “BTS Crystal” for free after 2 April, as the redemption starts on that particular date. After that, they can proceed to make a spin and receive one of the seven exclusive BTS-themed outfits.

Calendar of Free Fire x BTS

Apart from the ones mentioned above, numerous other events will be commencing as part of the Free Fire x BTS collaboration, such as warmup missions, pop sway, etc.

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