New Incubator Top Up event news in Free Fire

The new Free Fire Top-Up event will arrive this week on the Indian server, the awards are related to the current Incubator, Cosmic Journey. Today, June 14, 2023, we will detail the available information about the goals, rewards and more.

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The next Free Fire recharge event will be launched on Friday, June 16, 2023, at 08:30 am IST (Indian time), the event will be available in the game until June 20. Every gamer will be able to participate in the new event regardless of the way they choose to recharge. The main reward of the recharge event will be the Incubator stone and blueprint of Cosmic Journey.

Top-Up event goals

Recharge 100 Diamonds: 1 Incubator Blueprint + 1 Cat’s Eye Token,
Recharge 300 Diamonds: 1 Cat’s Eye Token + 2 Incubator Tickets
Reload 500 diamonds: 3 Incubator tickets + 1 evolution stone.

Questions and Answers about the New Top-Up Event

What is the best Free Fire Max recharge site?

In Game Top-Up

When will the 100% diamond bonus come?

There are currently no news about new edition of the 100% diamond bonus in Top-Up event

Is there a way to Top-Up 1 diamond in Free Fire Max?

No, the lowest amount that the user can recharge in Free Fire Max is Inr 80. 100 diamonds in Inr 80 Rs

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

To earn diamonds in Free Fire Max for free, users must participate in the in-game events. At the moment, there is no such event is available

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