New P-90 Weapon Royale Of Plan Bermuda in free fire

Wednesday is the day of the themed sub-machine gun from La Casa de Papel arriving at weapon Royale. Its name was defined as ” P90 – Plan Bermuda “, as well as most skins of the event. Its effect consists of several banknotes, which are revolving around the weapon. The skin is legendary, meaning it has a specialized killfeed and can be equipped in the lobby. In addition, the P90 – Plano Bermuda is the first weapon skin with a different shape, in the style of those that arrive at the Incubator.

This is a very discreet skin for having a greenish color, which can be used when favoring camouflage. If you use the P90 frequently, whether in Battleroyale, Contra Squad or in any other mode, and are lucky enough, it is a good reason to wait for it.

AN-94 – Bermuda Plan

And as in any good arsenal, it is not the only weapon skin of the event. There is another AN-94 skin with no effect and with a totally different color. This will not be part of the royale, and will arrive free soon, later this month.

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