New TRAP Event in Free Fire

Garena will start the 6th-anniversary event in Free Fire next week. The celebration will feature several new features in the game, including the launch of the new version of the TRAP theme in Battle Royale. Today, June 24, 2023, we will list some of the skins revealed until now.

TRAP is one of the fan favourite themes of Free Fire. In 2023, the theme will return to Garena’s Battle Royale with many new items, such as bundles and others. Over the next few weeks, Garena will launch three new skins with the TRAP theme that are part of the collection, the customizations have special effects and should return to the game after a year.

The TRAP skins that are part of the collection are the Prince of TRAP package, TRAP backpack and Queen of TRAP gloo wall. Other items are part of the TRAP event in Free Fire in 2023, customizations are available in the Battle Royale loading screen, and the main packs must be part of the Elite Pass. Over the next few days, Garena will reveal all TRAP-themed items in Free Fire and how to unlock them.

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