New York requests Monkeypox virus to be renamed

The US city of New York has requested the World Health Organization to change the name of the monkeypox virus so that its patients do not suffer because of the name.

Monkeypox virus cases are increasing rapidly in York. Last week, the WHO declared the disease a health-emergency. 1,092 cases have been reported in New York, which is more than any other state in America.

New York City Council health commissioner Ashwin Vasan wrote a letter to WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus on Tuesday, requesting the disease to be renamed. Vasan wrote that the kind of message that goes by the name of monkeypox virus can have painful and contemptuous consequences, so we are concerned.

By the way, WHO itself had introduced the idea of ​​changing the name of this virus. This virus is related to smallpox but smallpox has now been completely eradicated. Vasan pointed to the historical racist incidents associated with the name with the black community, saying that monkeypox is not actually caused by monkeys, as the name suggests.

Vasan said misinformation had also had a negative impact in the early days of the HIV virus, and Asian communities faced racist behavior when former US President Donald Trump called Covid the “Chinese virus”.

“Continuing to use this name can bring back racism and other painful experiences, especially for black and other people of color and for LGBTQIA+ communities,” Vasan said in a press conference. Do not take health facilities only to avoid it.

How big is the danger?

Monkeypox virus can infect anyone and has been present in Central and West Africa for many years. However, at this time it is spreading more especially among gay men in America and Europe. The initial symptoms of this virus are fever and fatigue, and after a few days, a rash appears on the body, which can also be painful. After staying for a few weeks, these pimples fall off as a scab.

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