Pakistani Navy saves lives of 9 Indian crew members

With the help of a Belgian oil tanker, the Pakistan Navy has rescued most of the crew members of the sunken Indian ship. The Indian ship sank in the sea near Gwadar, 400 nautical miles from Porbandar.

According to the Pakistani Navy, on 9 August, it received an urgent emergency message from the Indian ship Jamna Sagar. The ship was at that time in the Arabian Sea, just a short distance from the Gwadar Port of Pakistan. Shortly after sending the emergency message, the ship sank in the Arabian Sea.

The Pakistan Navy gave the message received from the Indian ship to the Pakistan Maritime Information Center. The center appealed to the Belgian oil tanker near the location of the Indian ship to help immediately. The oil tanker Kruibeke was on its way to the United Arab Emirates at that time.

Pakistani Navy

The oil tanker immediately started the relief operation. 9 out of 10 members of the Jamna Sagar ship were rescued. After this the Pakistani Navy reached there. Pakistan Navy launched a search operation to find a missing crew member. During this, Navy choppers found the body of the drowned crew member.

The Director General of the Public Relations Department of the Pakistani Navy gave information about this entire development.

According to Marine Traffic, a website that monitors maritime transport, Jamna Sagar was 44 meters long and 10 meters wide. The last time the ship’s dock location was in Dubai. There are reports of the accident in the Indian media, but there is no mention of the statement of the shipping company.

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