There are more Intelligent Civilization in the Universe

There are at least 36 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. Just like humans, there are 36 planets like Earth where intelligent people live. However, they are not able to establish contact with anyone because of the distance. They are located at a distance of at least 17 thousand light years. As a result, they can’t make contact with anyone. This is what the researchers claimed.

There are other intelligent beings like humans or planets like Earth. There is also smart civilization. It is a very modern civilization. Maybe even more modern than Earth. Scientists have had this idea for a long time. Even keeping these things in mind, aliens and other planets have come up in the discussion. This new theory of researchers strengthened that claim.

According to experts including a professor of astrophysics at Nottingham University, it takes at least 5 billion years for an intelligent civilization to develop. Experts claim that these civilizations were created in the meantime. Scientists say that having a star with metal like the Sun is a very important condition for the creation of a civilization. 36 Human-like intelligent civilizations are thought to have been found in interstellar galaxies with Sun-like metals. It may also happen that they are already finished. That theory cannot be completely ruled out.

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