Why UIDAI had to cancel Aadhaar card of 6 lakh people? Know the reason

UIDAI has canceled Aadhaar cards of 6 lakh people. Also, the government is preparing to introduce a new facial recognition tool for Aadhaar verification.

UIDAI has canceled Aadhaar cards of 6 lakh people. This information has been given by MeitY. Union Minister of State for IT Rajiv Chandrashekhar said this when asked a question related to Aadhar card in Parliament. Aadhar card is one of the main identity (ID) documents of an Indian citizen. It is used from banking to all government schemes, mobile / telephone connections etc.

Nowadays many cases of duplicate i.e. fake Aadhar cards have come to the fore, due to which UIDAI, the Aadhar card making body, has canceled about 6 lakh fake Aadhar cards. According to UIDAI, 5,89,999 duplicate Aadhaar cards have been canceled so far.

New verification feature will be added soon

Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajiv Chandrashekhar, on the question asked in Parliament on Aadhar card, said that UIDAI has taken several steps to eliminate the problem of duplicate Aadhar card. For this, an additional verification feature has been added to the Aadhaar card, which includes face-based Aadhaar verification. At present, fingerprint and iris are checked to check biometric details.

Aadhaar card

11 Action taken on website

The Union Minister said that action has also been taken on 11 fake websites related to Aadhaar service. The services of 11 such websites have been suspended since January 2022. He said that these websites do not have the authority to nominate the Aadhar card user and amend the biometric details or add the mobile number.

Users will be able to make any changes in their Aadhar card only through the official website of UIDAI or through authorized Aadhaar Seva Kendra. The Aadhaar card holder will have to visit the Aadhaar Seva Kendra or Authorized Center to change any kind of biometric details. UIDAI has sent notices to all these websites and asked them to stop the work related to Aadhaar service with immediate effect.

The new facial recognition feature of Aadhaar card will be rolled out soon. Once it is rolled out, Aadhar card holders will be able to prove their identity by using face apart from fingerprint and iris for their identity.

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