3 Best Tricks to Use Gloo Walls: Free Fire MAX

Players can improve the using gloo walls in Free Fire MAX. With this, you can take cover and then revive your teammates in the game. It can also help the final safe zone with the gloo wall. So in this article, we are going to talk about the 3 best gloo wall tricks.

Pro Tricks to Use gloo Walls in Free Fire Max-

3) Sit-Up Gloo Wall Trick

The sit-up gloo wall trick is very popular and today you’ll learn how to do it fast. You won’t need many gloo walls for this. Well, to apply it, you should quickly press the button on the gloo wall and the crouch button.

2) Quick Gloo Wall Trick

Gloo Walls

With another quick gloo wall trick, you’ll be able to defend yourself well. If you have good sensitivity, then you can quickly press the gloo wall. This can avoid the opponent’s attack.

1) 360 Gloo Wall Tricks

The 360° gloo wall trick is most commonly used in Free Fire Max. This gives you cover all around. You would have needed many gloo walls for it. There should be no gaps between these walls. You have to rotate the analogue by 360°. This will be a good option for cover and you can get benefits in the last zone while reviving your teammates.

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