Become the ‘King’ of Free Fire diamonds with this trick, A new way to get free diamonds

A new way to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX’s OB34 Update, learn tricks and become the ‘King’ of gaming

There are many ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX, but in this article we are going to tell you 3 ways through which you can easily get diamonds between OB34 Update and OB35 Update.

The OB34 update is now coming to Free Fire MAX after a few days. With this new update, users will get to see some new features and some changes will also be made. Garena is constantly making changes to Free Fire Max. However, there is one thing among all these, which cannot change after any update and that is Diamonds.

Free Fire diamonds

Free Fire Max gamers will always need diamonds and they have to spend real money. At the same time, there are some ways through which you can get diamonds for free.

Free Fire diamonds

We have already told you many ways to get free fire max diamonds for free, but in this article we are going to tell you about a new way, through which you can also get free diamonds in OB34 Update


Many users around the world use this popular GPT site Swagbucks. Using this app, mobile gamers can earn points specific to this app, which is called Swagbucks. For this, users have to complete different types of tasks, fill surveys and participate in quizzes.

After doing all this, gamers get Swagbucks ie SB points, from which they can later claim gift cards as rewards. Through these gift cards, users get diamonds for free.


This app was previously managed by Garena. Players can also get diamonds for free by streaming the game-play through this app. The game developer has developed this app especially to engage gamers and creators.

Google Opinion Rewards

This is considered the best way to get diamonds in the Free Fire Max game. Through Google Opinion Rewards, players get Google Play credit balance, which can be used by players to buy diamonds in the game.

However, for this, players have to collect fixed credits in various ways. Once players have accumulated enough Google Play Credits, they can purchase Diamonds, the in-game currency of Free Fire.

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