Harley-Davidson’s launch most affordable electric bike has been unveiled!

Hello friends, Harley-davidson is trying something new in today’s era where the price of petrol is increasing continuously, the automobile companies are spending more on electric vehicles.

Harley Davidson is one such bike in the world which is most liked by the bike lovers, every heart is crazy about this bike due to its attractive hunky look and strong engine capacity. So click on the next button and know some interesting things related to Harley Davidson.

The Harley-Davidson’s has introduced the S2 Del Mar LE electric motorcycle. The LE in the name of the bike stands for Launch Edition. This electric bike is very light in weight, small and luxurious.

The Harley-Davidson S2 Del Mar LE has the electric motor, battery pack and electronics system all combined into one unit. It is believed that it will be able to accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 3.5 seconds.



The Harley-Davidson S2 Del Mar LE is the first electric vehicle to come with the company’s new S2 Arrow architecture. In this, the electric motor, battery pack and electronics system are all combined into one unit.

Coming to the design of the S2 Del Mar LE, it gets a rectangular LED headlamp, a flyscreen above it, a fuel-tank shaped panel (which rests on the battery and engine unit).

The LiveWire S2 Del Mar sports a flat tracker design. The bike comes with two color options – Jasper Gray and Comet Indigo. It gets a pair of oval shaped LED headlamps with flat cowl along with blacked-out USD front forks. The bike also gets round turn indicators on both the front and back. The electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson S2 Del Mar LE Price
The S2 Del Mar LE is currently introduced in the US market. The price of the new bike is $ 17,699 (about Rs 13.67 lakh). At present, there is no news of this bike coming to the Indian market.



Let us tell you that only 100 units of the Harley Davidson S2 Del Mar motorcycle will be manufactured and all these units are already sold out.

William S. Harvey and Arthur Davidson were instrumental in making Harley Davidson the reality. Harvey designed an engine that was first used in the frame of a bicycle.

Harley Davidson first took its first steps in the world of racing in 1905. Five years later, Harley Davidson’s biggest achievement was Harley taking first place in the hill climbing race. After which the fame of this bike increased all over the world.




Harley Davidson first launched its first bike to the world in the year 1909. In which the company V-twin engine was used. This engine provided the power of 7 bhp to the bike.

Gradually, Harley Davidson became famous all over the world, as well as the demand for bikes also increased, after which the company planned to produce this bike outside the country as well. In 1998, the company opened its first plant outside the country in Brazil for the first time.

Harley Davidson became everyone’s first choice only a few years after its launch. Celebrities of that time were also included in this list of fans. The founder of Forbes magazine, McCullum Forbes had bought about 50 Harley bikes at that time and also gifted them to his friends.

The most expensive model of Harley Davids is CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide (CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide) which costs 40 thousand dollars or about 22 lakh rupees.

“The people who buy them are of different status. No common man buys this bike. Then there is their own group of people who buy them. Those people meet, talk, ride bikes. It’s like a cult.”

And how important India is to these bikes, he said, “It is not a mass market product. If even three-four thousand such bikes are sold in a year, then it is good for the company.

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