Roman Reigns gave an emotional message at the big event of WWE, got a great reaction from the fans

Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns was seen in WWE’s live event in Sacramento. During this, he came out of character and gave a message to the fans while cutting a tremendous promo. Roman is a top heel superstar and his message to his fans is a big deal. Usually they do this in live events.

Roman Reigns is one of the biggest superstars in WWE at the moment and his heel character remains the subject of much discussion. He has done a great job as a villain and has consistently impressed over the last two years. Despite being a tribal chief villain, he has been seen getting emotional in past live events.

Tribal Chief has reduced fighting in live events and appears only in main shows. Recently, he showed his good side to the fans and kept the heel character aside. The match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre was seen in a live event in Sacramento. Both performed well in this match.

Roman Reigns won and retained his titles. After the match, she cut the promo as babyface and thanked the WWE Universe. You can watch the full video in the tweet below and here he praised the fans. He got a good response from the fans.

Will Roman Reigns Babyface Turn Again in WWE?

Romney Reigns has been around for a long time as a heel and many people want to see her as babyface again. However, Reigns has found great success in the heel character and has been shown to be powerful.

WWE has benefited from this. For this reason, WWE will hardly decide to make her babyface again. Roman got hated as the first face and this thing could happen again. That’s why WWE doesn’t want to take the risk.

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