Use these tips in Free Fire Max, you will get more FPS and lags will not be a problem

Hello everyone, today read this article to get better FPS and get rid of lags in Free Fire Max. Here are some tips for this-

Free Fire MAX is very popular among battle royale gamers. It is available to download for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It can be played on many types of devices.

The game can play even on low-end devices, but at times players have to face problems like lags and poor FPS. Because of this, they keep trying to get rid of these problems to improve their gaming experience.

To help them out, in this article, we are going to tell them some tips to improve FPS and reduce lags. Come on, let’s know.

These tips will help reduce lags in Free Fire MAX

By using the tips mentioned here, players will be able to play Free Fire Max smoothly on their devices.

Make these changes in Display Settings

The best way to get good FPS is to change the display settings in the battle royale game. Players have to select the option of smooth graphics to get a good gaming experience. In the High FPS option, users will have to select Normal instead of High in low-end devices.

Must have good internet connection and phone

Many times users feel that due to their device they are facing problems in playing games. However, this does not happen. Players can check the mobile internet connection before starting the game.

Also a good phone supports high FPS settings in Free Fire MAX. If an Android or iOS device is equipped with more RAM and processor, then it gives better gaming experience to the players.

Free Fire Max

How to set up Free Fire MAX

Players have to go to Settings and select Visual Effects Off, HD Texture Off, Vehicle Effects Off and Classic option for Animation.

Do not play the game for several hours in a row

Players playing the Battle Royale game should not play the game for several hours in a row. They should take breaks in between. Even those who advance their ranks should do the same. They should take care that their phone does not overheat.

take special care of this

Many devices come with a game mode option, which enhances the gaming experience for the players. Players should have this mode turned on before starting Free Fire Max. If they don’t have inbuilt game mode option, they can download Game Booster app from Google Play Store.

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