Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Useful Gadget: The Life-Saving Features of Apple Watch

Apple products have lots of helpful features that many users find very useful. The Apple Watch is famous for keeping track of people’s health and has saved many lives. On a flight from the UK to Italy, a 70-year-old woman got sick, and the Apple Watch turned out to be a hero. Luckily, a doctor named Dr. Rashid Riaz was on the plane, and he used the Apple Watch to monitor the woman’s health. The watch’s blood oxygen feature showed low levels, indicating a problem with her breathing and heart.

Dr Riaz quickly asked the flight crew for an oxygen cylinder, and he managed to stabilize the woman’s condition until the plane safely landed in Italy. This incident highlights how everyday gadgets like the Apple Watch can be helpful during emergencies, even though the Blood Oxygen app is not officially for medical use.

Interestingly, Apple removed this app from certain watch models due to a patent dispute with medical technology company Massimo. The decision follows a temporary freeze on sales of these watches. This isn’t the first time an Apple Watch has saved someone’s life. Recently the gadget helped save a woman’s life by detecting a life-threatening tumor in her blood. She was quickly taken to the hospital, and her life was saved. Another person’s life was also saved when an iPhone’s accident alert feature played a crucial role. These instances highlight the remarkable impact of technology on health and safety.

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