Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Amazing Offer to Get $10,000 | Know more about this Offer

Nowadays, mobiles are a big part of life. People are always with TVs, laptops, and tablets. An American company is giving you a chance to get rid of this digital addiction. You can win 10 thousand dollars (8 lakh rupees). Just stay away from screens for a month – no TV, laptop, or tablet. It’s a golden opportunity! You might be one of the fortunate winners to win the grand prize and the delightful taste of Siggy Yogurt.

Siggy, the renowned American yoghurt brand, is offering a golden opportunity to win $10,000 by participating in their ‘digital detox’ program. It challenges people to stay away from the digital world. Selected participants will have their smartphones frozen, and not allowed to use them for a month. Instead, they’ll receive a prepaid SIM card and a basic feature phone for emergencies.

10 fortunate winners of the ‘Digital Break Challenge’ will get rewards from Siggy, including a three-month supply of Siggy Yogurt. You can participate until January 31, 2024, to apply for this program by visiting Siggy’s website. The company, on its website, encourages participants to give up their smartphones for a month instead of abstaining from alcohol, highlighting that phones are the biggest distraction in our lives.

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