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Tips to be Careful from Online Scams

In the digital era, India adopted a lot of technology, making money transactions easier. However, digitalization led to a rise in fraud cases. Artificial Intelligence, despite its beneficial features, also brought new challenges. AI is sometimes misused for activities such as manipulation and robbery. Here are some global frauds and tips to be careful of such scams.

Dating app scam

People love using dating apps these days. Many teens get trapped by the popularity of dating apps. Scammers create fake relationships, gain trust, and then trick victims into giving them money by making medical emergencies or using other tactics. Sometimes, multiple individuals work together to target specific people.

Parcel scam

In this scam, an invisible criminal contacts individuals, claiming that their package, containing illegal items such as drugs or a large sum of money, has been seized. They claim that legal action will be taken and manipulate the panicked person into settling the matter. Soon after, a fake police officer calls to resolve the case for some money. Scammers aim to obtain money directly from your account. To avoid such fraud, it’s advised to visit the official website of the courier company mentioned by the scammers and contact the genuine courier helpline.

AI scam

A guy received a call from someone sounding like his friend, claiming to be in the hospital urgently needing money. Believing it was his friend, he sent a large amount of money. Later, it turned out the voice was created using AI. It’s a reminder to double-check before transferring money in such situations.

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