Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Find your Life Partner with the help of Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT is now crucial in both professional and personal life, aiding in various tasks. It’s not just for work, it even helps people find life partners. AI is like a smart tool that makes new stuff like pictures, words, or music. People use it for making projects. ChatGPT is not only assisting people at work but also in finding love. In Russia, a man used ChatGPT on a dating app and found his wife with its help.

According to a Russian messaging agency, a guy named Alexander Zadan, who’s 23 and works as a software developer used AI bots like ChatGPT to pick matches on Tinder. After chatting with 5000 girls, the AI suggested a girl named Karina Imranovna, and he thinks she’s perfect. It took him about a year to find her. Karina and Alexander are married and both consider each other as their perfect match.

Alexander said, “At first, ChatGPT didn’t understand me well because I hadn’t told it how I like to talk. It was like a babyish behaviour. But later, I taught it to talk like me, especially when chatting with girls. Now, the AI bot removed the bad matches.” Alexander said the chatbot spoke for him. Fixed dates and eventually helped Karina propose. He further said – Chatgpt asked me to propose to Karina by the end of 2023. He argued that “our relationship is balanced and strong.”

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