Free Fire MAX has 3 items that will win even in a losing match

If you want to survive at the end in Free Fire MAX, then you will also need some such items, with the help of which you can get out of the difficulties.

It is very important for players playing Free Fire MAX to kill enemies as well as protect themselves while gaming. There are times during gaming when it becomes very difficult to avoid enemies.

So what will be done? In such a situation, what is an item that gamers can use to distract enemies and protect themselves. Let us tell you about 3 such items of Free Fire Max, which can be of great use to you in difficult situations.

use gloo wall

When it comes to open combat, most players deploy a shield wall so that they can take cover behind it and sometimes exit that shield wall to shoot. The glue wall in Free Fire MAX acts as this shield. This is a standard strategy and most players use it.

Gloo Wall provides excellent fire protection in Free Fire Max. Also bullets can do no harm to players hiding behind the glue wall, except for some weapons.

smoke grenade

Smoke Grenade does not provide any such physical cover. With this only players can hide behind the smoke. Smoke grenades are used by players only to avoid the eyes of enemies.

The smoke created by this does not allow the enemies to see anything and in such a situation the players can escape from there. But keep in mind that enemies can shoot without even looking into the smoke and that bullet can hit you.

keep up the EP

Apart from this, after landing on the map, when you move forward in the map, a small plant type item is kept in place to increase the energy point. Use it by keeping it there and then increase your energy point.

With this, your character will be able to work much faster and will also be able to tolerate damage from enemies for a long time. In such a situation, you will be able to easily withstand a few attacks of enemies in gaming.

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