Great chance to get a free bundle this week on Free Fire MAX, just have to do this simple task

Currently, players playing Free Fire Max are getting a chance to get the bundle for free. Gamers can get items for free. However, for this they have to get tokens.

Garena Free Fire MAX offers a range of cosmetic items such as outfits, bundles and weapons. These make the game of the players fun and help the gamers to win. These items can also be found for free through the event. There is currently a Mystery Madness event going on in the game. In this, gamers are getting outfits for free. Come, let’s know how to get outfits in Free Fire Max for free.

Free Fire MAX Mystery Madness Event

A new Mystery Madness event is underway in the game. It will be live till July 13. This means that there is still a lot of time for the players to get the pass outfits. A total of 22 bundles are being received as Grand Prize in this event. However, gamers will have the option of randomly capturing any one of these 22 by capturing the plane.

Free Fire MAX
Free Fire MAX

Will have to do this work to get reward

First the players have to capture the plane. They will then be given a set of special missions, which will be reset every day at 4:00 am. Then players will get key tokens, which can be exchanged for gamers to get the item of their choice. Read below to know which bundle will be available for how many tokens

To get the bundle, you will need so many tokens

Regular bundle will require 10-20 tokens. At the same time, 40-50 tokens will be required for the exclusive bundle. This event is live for several times in the game. Because of this, good players have a good chance. They can get free items by completing tasks in time.

How to get reward?

First of all open Free Fire MAX on your device. After that go to the Events section.
Open the Mystery Madness event there.
Players then have to capture the opponent’s plane by clicking the Capture button.
They will then receive a prize pool and a set of Daily Missions. by the end of time
First they have to complete missions to get enough tokens.
After getting enough key tokens go to the Players Unlock Rewards tab. Here you can get your favorite item by clicking on the Claim button below it.

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