Free Fire Max May 2022 Update: New ranked emote

The new Free Fire update in 2022 will take place next week, where several news will be presented in the community, such as the new exclusive emote for ranked, this Friday, May 20, 2022 we will detail all available information about it and how to collect the reward.

In the next update, ranked Free Fire will gain some improvements, where information about the rankings will be even clearer, in addition to more rewards when ranking up, such as limited-time resource skins.

Upon reaching the Elite rank in ranked Free Fire, users will be able to unlock an exclusive emote, see in the video below:

It is still not possible to say if there will be another mission besides achieving the patent, or if there will be more than 1 emote, the information was revealed in the new episode of the series “Fala, Fala Free Fire” in other regions, in Brazil the dubbed video must be released this weekend, check it out in the video below:

The new Free Fire update in 2022 will take place next Wednesday (25), more precisely after 00:00 or 01:00 (Brasilia time), during maintenance it will not be possible to log into the APK.

free fire
free fire

Read Also- Free Fire World Cup 2022: where to watch the final live and times

This weekend will take place the grand finale of the Free Fire World Cup, the event that will take place in Singapore will be broadcast on several platforms, open and closed TV in Brazil, this Thursday, May 19, 2022 we will detail the times and where the community can follow the live stream.

The final of the Free Fire 2022 World Cup will take place next Saturday (21), the broadcast will start at 9:55 am (Brasilia time), to celebrate the event there will also be challenges and rewards for the community, if users reach the spectator goal simultaneous.


Check out the goals and rewards of the Free Fire World 2022 below:

100 thousand views: character box + 3 Lucky Royale tickets + 3 Diamond Royale Free Fire tickets;
200 thousand views: gel wall skin + 3 Incubator tickets + 3 creation workshop cards;
300 thousand views: “Enjoying in Sentosa” emote + 3 personalized room cards;
Usually the goals are usually for simultaneous views, as happened in the final of LBFF 7, where the numbers of viewers on the platforms were added up.

FFWS 2022 : The Grand Final of Free Fire World Series 2022 is scheduled to take place on May 21, 2022. Players have been waiting for this for a long time. The top 12 teams of the world will participate in the final. These teams will face each other for the trophy and a huge prize pool.

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Last year, Phoenix Force (now Evos Phoenix) won the trophy. This time again he is returning with the same team, but this time he is going to face many powerful teams. He missed out on taking the LOUD trophy in 2021, but this year he is going to take the field with full preparation. Read below for all the details including the teams participating in this tournament and the prize pool.

Free Fire
Free Fire

The list of teams participating in the tournament is given below. A total of 12 teams will be involved in this.

1. LOUD (Brazil)

2. Vivo Keyed (Brazil)

3. Evos Pheonix (Thailand)

4. Attack All-Around (Thailand)

5. Evos Divine (Indonesia)

6. Echo Esports (Indonesia)

7. Team Flash (Vietnam)

8. V Gaming (Vietnam)

9. Vasto Mando ( Portugal)

10. Mineros Esports (Argentina)

11. WASK (Morocco)

12. Farang (Malaysia)

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The entire prize pool of this tournament is $2 million (approximately Rs 7,78,82,300). The winner will get $500k (approximately Rs 3,89,35,000) out of this prize pool. $250k (Rs 1,94,67,500) will be awarded to the first runner-up. While the third and fourth placed teams will get a prize of $100k-100k (approximately Rs.77,84,450).

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