Free Fire recharge event on May 11: see the prizes

Check out the items from the new Free Fire recharge event in 2022.

Through the last weekly calendar, Garena confirmed the new Free Fire recharge event, where the new Incubator project will take place, this Saturday, May 7, 2022 we will detail the goals, awards and more about the bonus.

The new Free Fire recharge event will take place next Wednesday (11), all users will be able to participate regardless of the way chosen to recharge.The main item of the Free Fire recharge event will be the project of the next Incubator, however, there will also be evolution stone and tokens.

Recharge 1 diamond: project of the next Free Fire Incubator;

Recharge 500 diamonds: cat’s eye token + evolution stone;

Recharge 800 diamonds: cat’s eye token + 3 “Gold Team” crates.

The reload bonus event takes place weekly, where Garena presents players with an item after they have recharged Free Fire diamonds. There is a goal to earn the Free Fire bonus, the company stipulates a minimum amount in diamonds to redeem each reward.Players will be able to participate in this recharge event even when reloading Free Fire diamonds outside the APK, such as on the Recarga Jogo website.

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